theme : a stranger

3 – Do Something Kind For a Stranger

“Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.” –Seneca

StrangerThis exercise is intended to help you to experience how it feels to do something kind when reciprocation is not likely. Please extend a kindness action to a stranger, someone you do not know on a personal level. Typically, these are the people you pass by or hear about as you go on with your day. It’s holding the elevator door open for someone. It’s anonymously buying coffee for someone behind you in line at the coffee shop. It’s going to the library and putting up money for the next $10 worth of fines. That sort of thing.

Moving forward and for an extra challenge, make completing a spontaneous kind act for a stranger part of each day. These are fairly easy to perform as opportunities to do so are being presented to us any time we encounter another person. They can be as simple as a smile. As you perform them, put your heart into the action and let the act of doing so warm you.

As you contemplate your kind action, please take a minute to read Andy’s inspiration message associated with this theme.

As before, please consider summarizing your experience for others in the comments section below.

5 thoughts on “theme : a stranger

  1. If I received $10.00 in the mail, I think I would be very nervous about it and wondering why they had done this, because it doesn’t happen all the time. I would send it to a stranger with the same note. How wonderful for these people to be able to do this.

    • Good point, Angela. Can you think of a better way to do this that would arouse less concern, perhaps even help the recipient feel the gift was intended as a generous out-of-the-blue surprise?

  2. I was just thinking of Mr. Andy Smallman and his Kindness “self-directed labs” when I saw the demonstration of kindness to strangers in a video of a young girl in a shopping mall named Cloe saying bye to every stranger.

    Lab? Yes, after all, this really isn’t a class, nor is anyone is lecturing or facilitating a discussion, this is where you _apply_ your learning, so don’t forget your safety goggles and lab supplies!

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