theme : yourself

1 – Do Something Kind For Yourself

“Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom.” — Theodore Isaac Rubin

For YourselfFor the purpose of this class it’s important for you to acknowledge and take care of yourself by being the first recipient of one of your acts of focused kindness. So we begin this module by asking you to go within yourself in order to do something consciously kind for yourself.

It’s very important that this be something extra you do for yourself because of your participation in this class. It defeats the purpose to have your action be something you do regularly or already have scheduled. Additionally, you will get more from the exercise if you plan your act mindfully, paying extra attention to doing something you might not normally allow yourself to do. It’s perfectly acceptable to use this class as an excuse to indulge in something you love. That is, indulge yourself within reason. Please don’t use this exercise as an excuse to do something that you know is not healthy for you to do.

As you contemplate your kind action, please take a minute to read Andy’s inspiration message associated with this theme.

After having completed your act, please feel free to provide a summary of your experience in the comments section below, thus providing an opportunity for others to learn from and be inspired by you.

9 thoughts on “theme : yourself

  1. With a full time job and full time class schedule, it is often difficult for me to think about myself. It often seems to “self-indulgent” or “irresponsible” to take time from my busy schedule to take care of me. At the same time, when I am not cared for it is more difficult to care for others. When I am not kind to myself, I am not as kind to others as I would like to be – I just have no reserves left.
    I thus decided to give myself the greatest gift – time. Time from my busy schedule to rest and renew myself. Such a simple thing to give myself permission to take the time to cuddle a child, to enjoy the feel of sunlight on my skin after a long winter, to sleep, to enjoy a movie or a book, to engage in an enjoyed activity which has nothing to do with my work or schooling. So time, time was the gift I gave myself and suddenly I felt renewed, inspired, joyful…able to give more of myself to my work, my schooling, and my loved ones.

    • Hi Sara! You make several excellent points here about the challenge we have in prioritzing ourselves. For myself, I picture I’m at the center of a circle, the core, if you will. That core has to be strong and stable for the ever-widening circles to be positively impacted. Among those circles are my wife & children, my work, my home, my neighborhood, etc, etc. And what a great gift to give yourself, that of time! Beautifully written, too. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience here. –Andy

  2. I went for a walk with my sister and niece. This is a time for us to be able to catch up on what is going on in life. She is busy with her family and I am busy with school and work. With the warmer weather it is nice to be able to get out and walk. I am the type of person that is usually alone. I like my alone time but I like to be social. I have to plan ahead to spend time with my friends and family. Most of my friends and family are married and have children. It is harder to just do things spur of the moment when you have friends that have families.

    • Hi Hannah! Thanks for commenting here. I love the idea of walking with family as an act of self-kindness. Your comment also got me thinking about the difference between solitude and loneliness. I found this article at Psychology Today that explains it well, I think.

  3. Well as some people have already said is that we feel as though it is not ok for us to just take a step back and work on ourselfs. As a caregiver I am resposible for a lot of people that could not possibly be able to make it with out me. Well what I decided to do for myself was to allow myself the time to go to the movies alone and not answer any calls for that amount of time. I found that everyone was still ok, and that they had been able to continue on with out me! What a realization, some what scarry but also I can see what I can do for myself when I am over whelmed.

  4. I went for a walk as I do each day with my dog-but what was different is how I walked. I went slowly savoring each maple tree turned red, orange, yellow against the blue sky. I did not rush and think of everything else I “ought to be doing” instead focused on what was in front of me. I sat on a bench by the Mississippi R. and cried of how beautiful the water, sun, air, trees were in this urban landscape. My dog wandered happily sniffing; forever a model of being in the moment. It was lovely. That was my random act of kindness towards myself.

  5. I enjoyed a beautiful day and even though I am not well, phrased things positively all day so that there was no negative words coming from me. What a pleasant change! Something I need to continue as I hope I will also continue to physically get better. Kindness truly does begin from within! Thank you.

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